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Jan 11, 2009
disclaimer: this is not an "official" driver so download and install at your own risk. worked for me though!

edit: just tested my video card theory by installing the sound driver in safe mode, then disabling the device, then booting into regular mode and disabling my radeon, then enabling the sound driver...immediate BSoD

hey guys-
just loaded up a fresh install of the beta onto my computer
everything working fine except that i needed to install the drivers for my Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio
i downloaded the most recent program from Creative online, and every time it gets to the stage where Windows actually installs the drivers, i get a blue screen of death
then, whenever i restart, i get it again during the startup process and i cant boot
in order to go back, i have to system restore every time

to make it more interesting, i have tried loading into safe mode and everything works flawlessly
i can install properly in safe mode, i can reboot to safe mode and it will display correctly in device manager
but i can't hear anything in safe mode because the audio service is off etc
i tried going through msconfig and unchecking all services and programs, but i still cant load regularly

my new theory is that somehow my video card driver is interfering with the creative driver
i'm running an ATI Radeon 1600 with the pre-release driver from windows update
anyone think this could be the problem?

other suggestions?
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This happened to me too. From what I can find there is no fix, just wait until creative fix the driver. Which should be sometime in late 2015.
same problem here :( vid BSoD.... but this problem is onli with drivers from CD ... from web dont work :/
I also get the same issue with the Creative Xi-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI soundcard and its 0079 drivers. I haven't yet tried the 0077 drivers, which didn't even work properly in vista, but who knows right?

Anyways, trying to install the drivers directly, either natively, or under Windows Vista/XP compatibility incurs a BSOD with the stop error 0x00000131. I attempted to install the drivers and fix them in safe mode - the operation completed successfully, except then windows 7 would not boot up, and instead the computer would restart after the splash screen. Using recovery fixed that through a restore point.

I've also tried installing the drivers directly form the .inf. This also causes a BSOD, however, after restart the drivers are all present, yet the device is not recognized as the sound card, only a multimedia controller, and does not work (even though all the drivers are listed correctly, the error report says they are not installed). Windows 7 trying to fix that, of course, causes the BSOD.

I've even gone so far as to get modded drivers from PAX. Same problem. Since it seems the drivers work fine on windows 7 64-bit, we'll probably have to wait for a fix from microsoft, as it sounds like, to me anyways, an issue with their audio system or driver management on the 32-bit version.

Edit: 0077 drivers are a no go too, though they got farther through the installation before exploding.
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yea this needs to get fixed quick. my onboard sound works terribly and i had to completely remove my creative sb audigy in order to not bsod through the installation.

well i guess these things are expected in a beta.
my Audigy 2sz works

I used my older system with a Audigy 2zs worked fine no problems at all just no eq ,cmss so i wiped windows 7 and went back to XP Pro .I hope that creative fixes there drivers for windows 7 before they release it .
Good but some ppl have problem with installing drivers like as
Good but some ppl have problem with installing drivers like as

does that happen with the old drivers or with the new ones i linked you to?

if it's the old ones, right-click->uninstall and then re-scan and re-install by finding the new drivers
These drivers work perfectly for me, good ol' DanielK saving the day once again.

Yes, Shinnok, remember to uninstall the device and all its software first through the control panel before installing these drivers, otherwise it will not work.
Yes i do full unistal, but have new problem if i installing ... its code 37... but i now reinstall w7 and now this drivers work :)
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