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Mar 25, 2006

I felt like mentioning this cause maybe some Folks aren't realizing it.

People might hear about Clouds Services & off-premise data storage; to most average users/consumers would mean little, if anything.

Some people have more than 1 drive or partition in their machine & may or may not know why or what to do w/ it, in terms of data storage & or backing up files.

Some people have external drives & maybe have auto functions doing sensible things @ regular intervals.

Notice I said some people...

Almost all people have data, files, documents, photos, images, that are important to them.

Well, here's a safety net that may not occur to everyone though, it is available to everyone... this one is a bit new on the scene, needs no hardware and doesn't care if your gear does fail, blows up or suffers any catastrophic event... your data will, still, exist. Plus, bonus, it is FREE.

SkyDrive. Save or copy stuff to SkyDrive. Heck, I have Data drives in my PC and an External drive and I, still, put certain, high-priority material in SkyDrive.

Just thought maybe deserved a mention/reminder.

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Security wise SkyDrive is bad for consumers as you are sharing data with unknowns.
Now Microsoft may say we do not share data but really how secure is the data?
And how soon will hackers get to it like everything else claimed to be secure?
Just buy another cheap drive and put the data on it, should be good for 40 years.
25GB for free for those who grabbed SD before April 2012

Skydrive Paid storage options (annual price)
Free storage = 7 GB
Add 20 GB = $10
Add 50 GB = $25
Add 100 GB = $50

When you compare the other major Cloud Storage offerings, Skydrive is still more economical, and has the best options for storing, sharing, and retrieving files.

Compare SkyDrive - Microsoft SkyDrive:
Compare SkyDrive - Microsoft SkyDrive
How secure is it from government snoops? There are a lot of complaints about the feds nosing through email and text messages without warrants.

That misleading hype comes from a misunderstanding of the Patriot Act. Cloud storage IS secure (period).

That misleading hype comes from a misunderstanding of the Patriot Act. Cloud storage IS secure (period).

As long as you happy with it cloud storage go for it.

I'm of the mind set that the so called "cloud storage" is just as open to attacks as any other storage device. To be honest what the hell do we know what the government is or isn't doing behind closed doors. All we have is their "WORD" and quite frankly the governments "WORD" isn't worth diddly squat.
It's not "the government" storing the stuff. Not talking about gov't data storage ctrs.

SkyDrive is Microsoft Data Storage Ctrs. Private facilities not, gov't.

SkyDrive is an great choice for consumers w/ files, important to them and who are w/out other storage choices or various other scenarios it can serve many people very well and very affordably.

I am BPOS Certified. Not only is this sort of talk misplaced but, what people forget that makes off premises (Cloud) storage make sense, makes it sensible is if data is stored on an external, sure you're set for backup recovery. grab your OS image... if your house burns down & destroys that external drive... you ON premise backup data storage did no good, @ all. BUT, it is, still, in the Cloud on SkyDrive for you to, still, HAVE, own, possess & access. Important bits of your life won't have been lost in the fire.

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Neither was I, about gov't storage. My point was about Gov't snooping...there is and they matter what kind of certification you may have. If you don't believe it then you're just as naive as the rest of mindless drones that have no clue. We are all entitled to our opinions. You have yours and I have mine. Nothing personal....just saying.
This kind of talk, terminology, insulting innuendo and demeaning sounding style of speaking to & about people, not necessarily anyone specifically but, even generally, is not @ all nice, proper, polite or socially acceptable.

It is certainly fine to express, attitude or feelings towards, gov't, paranoia about 'Big Brother' as one see's any need for concern. But, such name-calling, judgments & stereotyping may not go over very well w/ a lot of readers.

The point was merely to remind people of the possibility that for some, SkyDrive might be viewed as a useful tool for them. I'll pass on getting to these other areas, thanks, just the same.

Not really to turn into another topic editorializing or soapboxing. Anyway, just a thought. I don't want to open any door where I, create any reason for me to worry about the Forum's Mod's wrath coming towards me. Ergo, I, myself, will just stick to discussing strictly, only, SkyDrive.

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