Cross Platform Registry Editing


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Is there is method or a software program that would permit one to edit the registry in one Windows 7 installation from another Windows 7 installation on the same computer?
This can be done with the Remote Registry service and Active Directory from Windows Server. I do not know if there is 3rd party software that makes use of this functionality. It is probably unlikely due to the security implementation that is used to authenticate this kind of management.
Hmm, I just bought an old IBM desktop that I really have no use for, but your mention of Remote Registry service makes me wonder if I could use it to access and edit the registry on my primary desktop, if it were made part of the network, or would it take a real server to accomplish this? Currently the computer in question just has XP SP1 installed.
Thanks. The reason that I posted this question is no longer applicable, but the idea intrigues me, so I'm going to bookmark that link for later. Sooner or later, I have a feeling that I will try it out.