CRT Anti-Glare Filters


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I wish CRT monitors were still an option. I'll have to convince myself to lay down big bucks for a Dell Ultrasharp when the AccuSync dies/goes out of focus.
And you think a replacement CRT would be cheaper than an LCD? Not hardly, especially if you are looking for a decent size monitor.

Note that large CRT monitors are very expensive because it is very difficult and expensive to make large cathode ray tubes. The vacuum inside the tube creates tremendous forces on the tube itself so the tube must be strong enough to prevent a potential "deadly" implosion - especially if bumped too hard or accidentally dropped. The larger the tube, the greater the forces, and the harder it is to put, and keep those forces in check. This is why the picture tube, the actual CRT, is so heavy, and expensive.

Fortunately, LCD monitor prices continue to drop while the quality continues to improve. I hated to give up my reliable 17" Sony Trinitron, but I sure do love my two 22" LCD widescreens that look nicer, together still consume much less energy than the Sony, don't turn my computer room into an oven, and don't cause the hairs on my arms to stand up when I get near them. ;)

Lol @ my Sony 17" Trinitron CRT then.

But, if I can use that and save spending money, and not have to figure out where to put it in this small room since I don't plan on just giving it away like that...not my good ol' CRT :(, then I'll just keep using it. Of course, I have my laptop as option 2 so this is like a backup monitor if you know what I mean...hooked up to my backup desktop computer (both are older than my laptop). My laptop at some point soon will be my main computer.

Later Scrooge McDuck. I saw you in Kingdom Hearts btw. :D

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I'll just keep using it.
And that's fine. But sooner or later, your computer will only support digital graphics as analog is phasing out. And then, you will not be able to use your CRT.

I saw you in Kingdom Hearts btw
Ummm, no. Not me.

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