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Windows 7 Cryostasis : SLeep of Reason.


New Member
May 1, 2009
I recently installed Cryostsasis on my computer and I am having problems. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. 7057, I have updated to the latest drivers, and installed the Physx patch.
I have an Nvidia Geforce 9400gt with 512mb of ddr2
And a AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4800+ (2.49 ghz)
2gigs of ram.

Basically here is what happens.
Game starts up, black screen, I hit Cntrl+Alt+delete a couple of times, go between the black screen and desktop, and eventually the game comes up. Using Fraps I tracked my fram rate, in the menu its a constant 60. The game reccomends I play the high end of the medium settings, so I played it like that
I turned physx 0ff
I turned everything to low, and the resolution to 800x600
i turned AA off.

I know very well this is not a Hardware problem, My set up is decent, and I doubt the game would reccomend I play on such high settings if the lowest ones could only get me 7fps.
I tried running in Vista (sp3) compatability mode, and XP (sp3) Neither helped at all.

Has anyone got this game to work?
Any idea on what I need to do?
Doesn't really help you much but I was running it on max settings with an Athlon 4000 and a GTX 260 with perfectly playable FPS. I say was because I just replaced the 4000 with a 7850 and now it runs super smooth.