Windows 7 Crystal Fontz Needs Signed Drivers


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Anyone else have a Crystal Fontz LCD display? I went and got the 64 bit drivers at thier web site but no joy on the install. Got a message about unsigned drivers not being used on 7.:(
Update of sorts

I still don't have it working but I have supposedly gotten past the signed drivers error by going and getting the correct drivers. Does anyone out there have a CF? I go to the Device Manager\ Hardware and it tells me that it is installed and working properly but the LCD is black.: Hey Redmond you listening? I'm going to Crystal Fontz next and see if they know what the problem is.frown:
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Working At Last

Okay I finally got this thing working so if anyone else is having problems getting thier CF working PM me and I'll be glad to tell you how I got it up and running.:)