cursor auto click through??

can anyone help a tech novice turn off the feature that automatically "clicks through" to a link when the cursor hovers over a link??? very annoying. hopefully you CAN turn it off. thx


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Hi Svogg,
apart from the settings you can see in the screenshot, I can't think of any that would allow you to 'auto-click' on links....
This makes me wonder if the mouse itself is at fault?

cursor auto-clicks

it's a touchpad and it is weird. I move it to an open tab in I.E. and hover, and sometimes it just goes to that tab. sometimes when it is hovering on click through - poof - it clicks through. sometimes not.



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#4 have you installed 7 on your lappie (guessing here) and installed all the necessary drivers? If you can't find drivers for 7, try using ones for vista as they should be fine in 'most' cases...

It is quite frustrating to see these threads where a legitimate question is responded to by people assuming that the person asking the question has done something wrong. I have an HP laptop which had this extremely annoying feature out of the box. As far as I can tell this is a common experience and no one seems to be able to say how it happens. There has to be someone who can get an answer to this.


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Well. The thread is about two years old. As the op did not respond to Kemical's last suggestion, i would guess the subscribers decided the problem was solved.
In your case, I would recommend you start a new thread.

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