Windows 7 custom mode test failed


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Mar 16, 2009

I Installed 185.81 geforce driver and I have B7100. I can not set up custom resolution 1360*768 for my LCD Tv. I see always "custom mode test failed" error.

I tried different drivers but the result is still same. I can set up at XP with same driver and setting 1360*768 custom resolution but at W7 I can not.

Can you help me?
I'm having the same problem. In WinXP I can set custom resolutions just fine, but in Windows 7 RTM 7600 I cannot.
I'm using latest nVidia drivers 191.07 with a LG W1952TQ 16:10 monitor.

It always returns "resolution test failed" in Win7 but it works fine in WinXP.
GeForce 7600GS 256MB AGP.

It's a clean and fresh Win7 install with latest Windows Updates installed. Monitor and videocard drivers correctly installed.
the UAC feature is turned off (I don't like it...)
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I found a fix!

Problem solved.
when creating the custom resolution (that you know it works under WinXP), just set the "Timing" Standard to "DMT" instead of automatic. there you go, it works :)
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