Windows 8.1 Custom P1 Power Cable?

Hey guys, I recently saw a picture of someone that had a P1 power cable where every individual wire on the cable was individually sheathed in, of course, custom sheathing. How is this done? Do the wires have to be disconnected out of the connector, sheathed, and reconnected? Or, can you buy a custom P1 power cable with the individual sheathing already done? Thanks for the help as always! :)



#2's very labor intensive...that's why they cost so much all ready made.

what's shown above is the PSU end (the side with the two seprate connections, one with 18 pin and the other with 10 pin) and the motherboard side of the cable (the single connector 24 pin ). We are looking to replace this cable completely with one that is sheathed, color organized and neatened up. Please help. Thank you. And by the by, this cable goes to the CoolerMaster V1000 mudular PSU as well.

I like all of these, and they work fine, but I haven't seen any that will have one end the same as the needed end for the PSU. I need an 18 pin and a 10 pin connector as shown above.

You'll need to do your own research...I just did a simple search and that link was the first one on the list. You will need to find a company that makes them then ask them if they make specialty cables.

Thanks guys. I have sent emails to both the site listed above and frozencpu to be able to determine whether they have this cable or not. And just for the record, the cable in question is for the modular CoolerMaster V1000 PSU. It would be a custom cable for that particular PSU. Thanks.

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