Windows 7 Dell a960 printer not printing


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Jan 18, 2009
I had to reinstall windows 7 on my dell computer. The dell a960 printer worked before now it will not. I have looked for any updated drivers with no luck. Windows updat does not even show this printer in the driver list. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it with no results. Can anyone help me.
Tried what you suggested with no help. Printer is still not working anyone have any other ideas. :razz:
I do have some other options, but it takes and experienced or advanced user to do it correctly.

Would you consider yourself to be an advanced user?

I don't think some experience will do, because it involves deleting some registry entries.

Let me ask a couple questions.....

Does the printer appear in the list under the Start menu > Devices and Printers?

When you tried the driver installation, did you simple double-click on the .exe file?

Did you receive any error messages?
It does appear in devices and printers.

script error

line: 2015
Char: 1
Error: unspecified
Code: 0
URL: res://ieframe.dll/preview.jpg
Let's try to re-install the driver.

Don't right-click on the printer and choose delete. See if it's listed in Control Panel > Programs

Then I'd suggest you download this freeware utility which removes more items than the typical uninstall
Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs, Solve uninstall problems

Then use this freeware program to extract the files from the .exe printer installation program:
Universal Extractor |

Look and see if there is a .inf file. Now open Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Devices and Printers. Now open Help and support and type add a printer and the first link will describe in detail how to add the printer.
I had to reinstall windows 7 on my dell computer. The dell a960 printer worked before now it will not. I have looked for any updated drivers with no luck. Windows updat does not even show this printer in the driver list. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it with no results. Can anyone help me.

Dell does not support the Dell A960 for Windows 7. They told me I have to buy a new printer.

The Dell site indicates this in true.

Screwed by Dell.
I have a somewhat similar problem with a Dell printer. What version of windows were you running prior to the upgrade. If the printer was working in Vista there should really be a way to get it working in 7. The support probably won't come from Dell but that shouldn't mean it just won't work at all.
try this, download a program called "vuescan" choose to dl free version, when you installing it will ask you, "do you want me to install drivers which will work with just about with any hardware?" Say "yes" (Becarefull not to skip this step)
try a printing job or scanning (if you have scanner in your printer) within the program. If you manage it then close the program and try another print job, see if you can see printer name (it may show up with a weird name) -the screen before the job sent to printer. If that doesn`t work search for drivers in dell website but not your country of origin website (eg if you are in us look into uk website of dell) last option either wait for a driver which maybe forever or get a new printer.
Greetings rick4371, and anyone else having issues with the Dell A960 AIO Printer/Scanner working correctly in Windows 7. The connection error, shown as "0x00000006" which appears after trying to print appears to be a communications error between the Windows 7 OS and the Dell A960 printer. When checking the Control Panels/Devices and Printer interface, it appears to be a good hardware recognition with the device staus reporting that it is working normally. I have also used the latest Vista 32 Bit drivers from Dell which also installed normally with no issues, and a good working normally report from the Control Panel, except the same error upon try to print, even a test page won't print. So the only work around I'm implementing until, Dell releases one specific to Windows 7 is to install XP or Visita 32 Bit on a spare drive, just for the sole propose of printing which is a real pain for something so simple which should be Dell responsibility to fix and update.
Dell all in one center

I have just updated my desk top from xp pro to windows 7 and now had problems re-installing my A960,
This is what I found.
I finally got it working, but now I can not get my new HP notebook with 7 on it working.

I found that the Dell All in One center that was normally in my programs list on XP is part of the printer driver, I can't figure out how to get this to load on my new notebook because when I did the desk top upgrade I had the same connection problems you were having and I had windows do the old auto repair on the troubleshoot and it started working but I can't seem to get my notebook to do the same. I think the problem is I had to upgrade my desktop from XP to the 32bit version of 7 and my notebook is the 64 bit version.

If you can't find out how to get the All in One center software to load I don't think it will work. I noticed that everything installed on my notebook for the printer except for the All in One center in the start menu and now I'm recieving the same errors.

Hope this will help, if I figure out more I will post again, or if you figure out more hope you can do the same.

dell 926 printer not functioning on windows 7 64 bit

I had a similar problem with this printer on my new Dell Inpiron laptop. It would 'mostly' install but then fail and windows7 would complain it couldn't find the driver. Searching on google for "dell 926 driver windows 7" (google auto-completes so obviously a lot of people with the problem) I found a link to download the driver. However there seems to be a windows7 32 bit and 64 bit version. Downloading and then running downloaded driver executable did not solve the problem. Nor did uninstalling the printer (via the Start->Devices & Printers and right clicking and uninstalling. It was not installed in programs) and/or rebooting help. I also didn't see anywhere where i could uninstall the drivers after installing them. The downloads were R150575.exe (32bit) and R146832.exe (64bit). When i couldn't find how to uninstall the drivers i hunted them down located in C:\dell\drivers\R150575 and R146832. Inside of the R150575 directory i went into install\x64\ and ran the InstGui.exe.

InstGui.exe appears to be the regular install utility like you would run from a disk install. It appears to me that the R150575.exe download does not install the driver but only unzips it. At least on my install. When I ran InstGui.exe it finally installed the driver and let me print a test page. Worked after that. Btw, R150575.exe is the 32 bit. I had intended to run the 64bit but since it is working i'm not touching it! :)

Your mileage may vary...

32/64bit driver link:
Link Removed - Invalid URL=
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