Dell Venue Pro HDE Bluetooth Mouse

I just purchased an inexpensive
HDE Slim Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Optical Mouse w/ Adjustable DPI
for traveling purposes off of amazon. It arrived and when I took it out of the box I went about connecting as I would any bluetooth device and it would not connect. It did not even show up as an option on the list of devices. Does anyone know any info that could help? The mouse lights up and appears to work I just cant connect it.

The Dell Venue Is windows 8 by the way. I also need to use the mouse this wednesday so if anyone could help by then that would be nice.


Senior Member
You didn't mention doing this so I need to ask, did you put the mouse in discovery mode? If you are used to Bluetooth devices then you know you need to put the mouse in discovery mode before the tablet will see it and allow you to pair. Usually, the moue will have a small button on the bottom that needs to be pressed to put it into discovery mode.

I have paired my Venue 8 Pro with several different Bluetooth mice and other Bluetooth devices without issue.

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