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Hi Everyone

I have copied a program folder from one of my computers to another but unfortunately, the program is not working on the other computer. The problem is that the two computers are running two different versions of Windows and the program depends on the versions of various files in the system32 folder on the source computer. I have tried copying the relevant files from the system32 folder on the source computer to the program folder on the destination computer but some of the DLLs involved are what are called "Known DLLs" which means that the program will only look for them in the system32 folder, not the local folder. I have used the program "Dependency Walker" to find out exactly which files are involved.

What I want to do is rename the copies of the relevant "Known DLLs" that I have put into the copy of the program folder on the destination computer and then batch-edit the dependencies of all of the files in the program folder so that they refer instead to the renamed DLLs. (I would, for example, rename "kernel32.dll" to "kernel3x.dll" and "msvcrt.dll" to "msvcrx.dll".)

Does anyone know of any software which would be able to batch-edit the dependencies of the files in this manner?

It occurs to me that some of you may be wondering why I don't just simply install a copy of the program which has been written for the destination version of Windows. Well, unfortunately, the program was only ever written for the source version of Windows so a version of the program for the destination version of Windows does not exist.

Also, some of you might suggest that I manually do it with a hex editor. Well, there are far too many files involved so that would take far too long. Also, I am not sure that all dependencies are encoded in a plain text manner. (Correct me if I am wrong about this.)

Please note that the prefix I have selected for this thread (I have just discovered that prefixes are compulsory) is Windows Vista which is the version of Windows on the source computer.

Thank you very much.

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First off if you try to rename those DLLs you'll break Windows, plus most programs don't access those DLLs directly, even if they work relatively the same between Windows versions. It is highly highly unlikely a program only works on one version of Windows written with a .NET language or not. What ever the program is looking for is most likely not OS dependent.

Which program are you trying to get working?


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Hi Neemobeer

Thank you very much for your reply.

If you read what I have said carefully, you will see that I do not intend to rename any files in the system32 folder. I only intend to rename the copies in the program folder.