Deploying a new identical server on the same broadcast net.


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I am involved in a project that will de-merge two companies.
At one point a new server with the same netbios name etc must exist on the same lan as the existing one.

It has been suggested that I separate these two devices by placing the new server on a different VLAN.

I am looking for peoples recomendations.


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You can't have two computers on the same LAN segment with the same name, Windows will complain about it not to mention you don't know which will reply to network traffic. Putting them on different LANs or vLANS will solve for the Netbios name, but DNS name you'll still have a problem if they share a DNS name as well.


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I want to create few websites and use one domain for it and comodo ssl . SSL certificate is a special technology that is used to secure the connection between the browser and the site. This is a kind of passport of an electronic resource that contains cryptographic keys, information about the Creator and owner of the project.
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