1. B

    Using two network adapters for local network and Internet

    For reasons I won't bore you with I find myself in the following situation: I have a local area network where my PC and my Synology NAS are attached to the same 1GBps switch, this network is also linked to the Internet via a Powerline adapter. This is fine for the NAS but I'm not getting the...
  2. Rainer Bielefeld

    Windows 7 No Connection to LAN?!

    A Friend works in a club office. His WIN7-PC was connected to local network and Internet with an USB-WLAN-Stick to a Fritz!Box. Always worked fine, until some day WLAN connection got lost. I tried to help and checked: Something wrong with the USB-WLAN-Stick? No control light on the stick...
  3. P

    Windows 10 "Permission" problems, can't share files on some network computers

    I've got home/office network of 7 computers (all on Win 10). Each computer has files in the public documents that needs to be accessed, with full control, by the other computers. Most all the computers communicate fine with one another, but I've got one computer (TOM) that can only read the...
  4. Cardinal System

    Windows 7 How do you find the IP of a computer on your LAN?

    The title says it all. How to I find the IP(s) of computer(s) on my LAN?
  5. abrogard

    Windows XP How To Understand LAN and Wireless Network together?

    I always get a bit confused when configuring or setting up a LAN on XP. Maybe on win7, too. My confusion arises because there's apparently two LANs but the computer never talks about this, never puts it that way. There's the wireless network. That's a Lan, surely? And there's the Microsoft...
  6. C

    Windows 7 Problem connecting PC (win7) with Laptop (win8) in WLAN

    Hello everyone, The Pc is win 32 bit home edition, the laptop is win 8.1 64 bits, and both are connected to internet via HUAWEI router There isn't any issues with internet conectivity, The problem is that I can't find a correct way to connect between each other I created a home group (in the...
  7. Fangz

    Windows 10 File sharing 10 to 7

    The first three days of Win10 were good, then an update and a reboot and windows 7 can no longer access shared files on the Win10 machine. Files that were shared somehow magically come up as shared even though they have not been shared this time or may NOT even be mounted. Not that it matters...
  8. How to Update Realtek Network Interface Card Drivers (PCIe GBIE Family Controller)

    How to Update Realtek Network Interface Card Drivers (PCIe GBIE Family Controller)

    Easily update Network Interface Card Drivers from Realtek: Network interface card drivers are often left neglected on many systems. Yet the updates that are brought forth can be beneficial to resolve connectivity problems on LANs and WANs. This video tutorial demonstrates how to acquire...