Windows 7 Problem connecting PC (win7) with Laptop (win8) in WLAN


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Hello everyone,
The Pc is win 32 bit home edition, the laptop is win 8.1 64 bits, and both are connected to internet via HUAWEI router
There isn't any issues with internet conectivity,
The problem is that I can't find a correct way to connect between each other

I created a home group (in the laptop because win7 home edition didn't allowed me to create)
That worked fine for two months but recently The PC stopped recognizing the laptop, but the laptop still can connect to the pc and see all the files.

The first minutes, when I turn the Laptop on, the PC will conect to it, but then, suddenly the laptop dissapears from the homegroup.

Both computers are on, without passwords and with different names.

I have tried to configure an ad hoc net too without success.

What do you recommend me to do? Delete homegroup and start all over again?
I wish to connect both computers to transfer files and to play LAN games but this problem is holding me
Hi Christian,
Welcome to the Forum!

Yes, home networking is indeed a big challenge, especially between W7 & W8. I have lots of Customers develop problems with that combo.

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, Delete your Homegroup from the W8 laptop and start over again! First, make sure to BACKUP everything on both the PC and the laptop first!! Changing your networking setup can scramble network as well as Windows system file permissions.

LONG BORING ANSWER FULL OF VALUABLE INFORMATION: Don't bother reading this if you actually want to understand what's going on with your home network!
Here's a list of the common things that cause previously working networked computers to stop working:
1.) Perform an Upgrade to a newer version of Windows on 1 or all computers.
2.) Contract a virus or malware that scrambles your Windows networking files and keeps your network from working correctly.
3.) Download one of those free "driver fix-it" programs that offers to "speed-up" your PC and make it faster; instead it scrambles your network and sends copies of all the places you visit on the Internet to Hackers to use for who knows what and sell for $$.
4.) Add a new peripheral wireless device to your LAN such as a wifi printer or wifi webcam.
5.) Suffer a coincidental hardware failure such as a failed Hard Drive, RAM memory stick, or Motherboard. This of course happens more on laptops than desktops since they get dropped a lot more, like Cell phones since they often leave your home. Did you drop your W8 laptop recently??

So these are things that could cause your previously working network to "magically" stop working! Interesting, huh? How does one go about narrowing this list down. Well, it takes some devoted troubleshooting, and lots of personal time. This is something that I can usually fix in 1 or 2 visits. But I also charge $100 per connected computer on the LAN to do so. It's complex, requires lots of expert knowledge and experience (I've been fixing LANs since 1980).

I would recommend you try these things in this order:

1.) After BACKING UP ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO EXTERNAL MEDIA FIRST, proceed to undo any recent Windows version upgrades, such as a W7-->W8 ugprade. So, if your laptop was originally W7, and you upgraded it to W8.1; you need to undo that; and redo your Homegroup networking and see if you can get it working again. If you can, then you can upgrade the laptop back to 8.1 and it should work.

2.) Scan for viruses with your built in AV program (Norton, Avast, McAfee, Comodo, etc.). Follow the instructions for removal and or quarrantine. Reset your Homegroup setup on both computers and retest.

3.) Go into SAFE MODE on both PC & laptop, and remove any of these programs[driver fix-it or Registry cleaning programs] at once!! Reset your Homegroup setup on both computers and retest.

4.) Remove any and all new external wireless peripherals you've added in the last couple of months to your LAN, such as a wifi printer or wifi webcam. Reset your Homegroup setup on both computers and retest.

5.) Test your Hardware!! see below for what you need to do first:

5a.) Test your hardware; start with your Hard Drive; download free SEATOOLS from and run BOTH short and long tests. If SEATOOLS returns any errors, your hard drive has failed it must be replaced. Reset your Homegroup setup on both computers and retest.

5b.) Test your RAM memory by downloading free MEMTEST (Google it), and run each RAM memory stick individually for a minimum of 8 passes. This may take up to 24 hrs. on sticks 4GB-8GB or larger. If MEMTEST returns any errors, your RAM stick has failed and must be replaced. Repeat for each RAM stick in your computer or notebook, and then repeat again after all RAM sticks are reinserted into your computer. Reset your Homegroup setup on both computers and retest.

6.) If you get to this step, and have tested all these items, and replaced any faulty hardware found and it still doesn't work properly. You probably need to do one of two things: (1.) Perform drive wipes and complete Windows Reinstalls on both your PC and your laptop, and reset of all Homegroup networking setups; or (2.) Pay a professional networking Tech such as Best Buy Geek Squad to come out to your home and fix it. Be prepared for an initial charge of $125-$165 for them to just walk through your door..more will be charged depending on how many hours or days it takes them to actually fix it. Be prepared for multiple visits.:sosad:

Let us know how it goes, or if you have any specific questions. We are here to help 24x7x365. I usually try to answer all questions within 24 hrs., I am a volunteer and do have a life, but if I don't answer you, I've got quite a few well-versed technical colleagues hear who will jump in. If you don't hear back from me within 24 hrs., just bump your post.

Best of luck, :thumbs_up:
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Well.. First of all, thanks for that large and personal response :thumbs_up:
Here is a short chekclist:

1)Windows 8.1 recently got updated, windows 7 not

2)Having full scanned both computers with avast and malwarebytes, I could say that no virus are living in my harddisk

3)Never used those fix-it-insta-free-mega-super-optimizer tools, aside from official windows Fix it tool.

4)No new extra peripheral devices.

5)I think that the problem is related to the PC, because the laptop still has access to the PC and not vice versa, and that's the strangest thing.

I would blame me and my ignorance about local connections,
Hi again,
Thanks for your response back. Sounds good except that you still haven't tested the Hardwdare on the PC side (RAM test and Hard drive test). This would be the next logical thing to do based on your assumption in #5 above.

Next would be to rip out the Homegroup network on both Computers like we talked about, and redo them. Then if the PC still isn't recognizing them it's a software problem (assuming you follow my recommendations for Hardware testing of the PC first), and most likely in the Windows networking system files. If it still doesn't work, I would reinstall Windows to 8.1 on the PC, and redo the Homegroup networking again; retest. This will most likely fix it. You just need to spend the time to methodically do the testing I listed for you.

Let us know how it goes,