desktop icons & programs views streched


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All was well when Nvidia comes up offering latest driver, without thinking I accepted it & installed.

Now the graphics have changed everywhere, test even in extra large show tiny, photos open stretched also everything else.

I reverted to the previous driver, changed all relevant in Nvidia control panel without any luck.

Any ideas to correct this will be appreciated.


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Check the frame rate setting -FPS- in the NVidia control panel. Has it by accident set to 30Hz? If so try 60Hz or whatever your screen needs.



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Screen back to more normal but, all text every where is smaller & difficult for aging eyes, even at the Largest setting.

Changed resolution from the usual I had 1280-1024 with the previous Driver (341.44) to 1440-900 (highest setting) with the present updated driver(341.81).

Thanx for your help