Devices and Printers Menu Delay???

Hello, maybe this is a very stupid and paranoic question but i have a pc and a laptop both with Windows 7...

Whenever i enter to Devices and Printers on the laptop it enters immediately but when i do the same in PC (which is way more powerful machine) it enters but has a little (i mean little LITTLE, almost a second xD) but still noticeable delay...

So my only guess right now to explain that behaviour is because PC has more usb devices attached to it (3 usb devices), 2 monitors, also the default Fax and XPS printing icons..

Is that correct, im being too paranoic??

PS: Please post if you have many devices and you have the same behaviour

PS2: I attached the same devices that were connected in my pc to the laptop and menu still loads almost immediately in laptop and has a delay in PC...

But i've found something, whenever i right click the PC name icon in Devices and Printers in my pc it delays to show the right click menu and doing the same in my laptop and right click in PC name icon it loads menu faster

I have two hard drives, a 500gb and a 160gb hdd (both SATA)

ty in advance ;)


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Hi kbzona and Welcome to The Forum.

Are you displaying enhanced icons in the desktop and generic (default) icons on laptop?

Do you have a regime to clear temp files etc. on the desktop?

Are you being paranoid? :D Maybe!

@ a glance, I would say much the same. Clean-up, tune-up the desktop PC & see if there is a positive change. Other than that, the slightly longer may not big anything meaningful.

Still try the following:
Disc Clean-up
Internet Options, Delete, Delete
sfc /scannow
chkdsk /r/f

Details regarding the above items & procedures can be found here,



Well this is a clean Windows 7 SP1 install in PC, laptop has Windows 7 and it has not been mantained in a long time...

Also, PC has an error free Event Viewer, and error free sfc /scannow, no viruses, malwares and no temp files...

Both machines are displaying enhanced icons in Devices and Printers....

Well maybe im just paranoic :D

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