Devices and Printers window won't populate

Hi all

As in the thread title really. I did a clean install yesterday of b.7100 x64, and the window did populate yesterday with my game controller, printers, BlackBerry etc., but today nothing. I just get the progress bar in the address bar moving slowly, but no devices.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


I may have answered my own question here - Devs & Printers populates fine until I installed Office 2007 SP2. Removal of SP2 cures it, but then the outlook connector doesn't work. Ho hum



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This must be from something else... On my Laptop the Manager works perfectly with Service Pack 2 for Office installed! Does anybody know something? I really need to get into the Manager!



I think you're right, and that the Devs &Printers was just randomly working irrespective of what else I did.

I did another clean install, and of course it worked, and then performed a "1 Click Clean" with Vista Manager x64, and it stopped working again.

I've ditched RC1 as it's basically falling apart on my PC - on installing programs, it wont create start menu shortcuts (*.lnk), and my Symantec AV Corp x64 10.2 will neither update nor autoprotect.

Asus P5N-MX
2 x Hitachi 500GB
Radeon PCIe HD3650


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Well actually the RC is working perfectly on my PC exept for the Devices&Printers Manager. I'll just search around for solutions because I really don't want to go back to Vista!!!


I've reverted to an image of b.7068 x64 which has no such issues on my rig. And it doesn't expire until March 2010 so I'm not panicking.



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