DirectDraw Acceleration: Not Available

So I just had Windows 7 installed on my VAIO a few weeks ago. I haven't played any games on my laptop since but I just downloaded a trail for Torchlight and when it wouldn't play I discovered a problem.

When I open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, it shows me this:

DirectDraw Acceleration: Not Available
Direct3D Acceleration: Not Available
AGP Texture Acceleration: Not Available

I've checked the Hardware Acceleration thing recommended by this support article, and it was already set to "full".

I read somewhere that the problem could be with my graphics card, but the updated told me there were no updates available. Here's my graphic card info, if it's useful:

I'm pretty much clueless beyond this. I would really appreciate your help - I would love to play some games on my computer but apparently I won't be able to until this is fixed. (At least, I think it's the problem... I really wouldn't know.)

Thanks so much in advance!


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"Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" says it all. You need to download and reinstall the video driver for your VAIO, you can find it on their website under Support.

have the same problem. I heeded your advise and downloaded graphic driver from HP, had it installed but I still have the same info as "STANDARD VGA GRAPHIC ADAPTER" and that my Direct draw acceleration and Direct3d acceleration are both unavailable. What to do next>?

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