Windows 7 DirectX 11 is on Windows 7


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If you notice in "dxdiag" that Windows 7 is running DirectX 11. What I'd like to know is this.

(a) How does this affect games and video cards that are DirectX 10 compatible?
(b) What video cards that are currently out already have DirectX 11 support build in? (I have evga 9500 GT 512MB DDR2, DirectX 10)
(c) When will we see a DirectX 11 game?


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My understanding is that Dx11 is completely compatible with Dx10.1, so you wont have to buy Dx11 specific hardware. But I guess your still forced to buy Dx10.1 hardware.
I suspect you wont see a Dx11 game for a little while yet


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I read on wikipedia that maybe Assasin's Creed 2 could use Directx 11 and will be totally compatible with Windows 7 (spanish wikipedia, in the english version somebody deleted the info :frown:)