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I need to know how to disable the clipboard in Windows 7. I have employees that use several applications that contains sensitive information. I don't want them to copy that information either inadvertently or maliciously. I also want to be able to disable the clipboard by using Windows 7 and not some external program that does it for me. Thanks for your help.

That's not solving my problem, though. If I have an employee that wants to make a copy of a credit card number and paste it to something else, they will be able to still do that even with that script. What I need to do is turn off the clipboard so nothing can ever be put on there.


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Just a thought. perhaps you could just rename it (System32 - clip.exe) to clip2 or similar? It might have consequences on other functions though??

Here's a quick thought. Is there a way to disable clipboard under Group Policies?


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I just had a very brief lkook through group policies but could not see anything there relating to the clipboard.

No worries. I'm just surprised this isn't a security issue that has been openly addresses with Microsoft. The removal of copy and paste would be critical in following the principle of Least Privelege, don't you think? Oh, well, thanks Rak and Ben for the help. I appreciate it.

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