Disabling a Keyboard?

I am using a dual boot, Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Previously I had an accident where water spilled on my keyboard, thus shorting it out. Since then, I have not been able to access Windows, for my password box will fill with random signs.

I was able to successfully disable the keyboard via ubuntu, but I think it's still functioning (or malfunctioning) in Windows.

So, I'm wondering if I can disable the keyboard without entering the Windows OS. Can anyone be of assistance?


Yes, it's possible. Unplug the keyboard from the machine.

You can still login if you want by using the on-screen keyboard. Click the arrow on the box near bottom left of the password screen for the choice to use it.

Ah, alright.

Let me ask you this. How long ago did this spill happen?

If it was only a day or two ago, it is still possible that the moisture could evaporate and restore the machine to working order. Use a hair dryer to try to dry it best as possible.

>.< It was months ago.

In the bios, there may be an option to disable the keyboard but that's doubtful.

If that option doesn't exist, your only other option is to open the laptop and physically disconnect the keyboard from the mainboard.

Perhaps you can use the device manager to disable the keyboard if you can somehow login to Windows using the on-screen keyboard.

Not sure about your notebook, it's the port (e.g. PS/2) that the mobile keyboard actually uses and that you may be able to disable in bios.

Oops, I just posted the same idea.

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