Windows 10 Black screen after click the Power button or shutting the lid of the laptop


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Dec 30, 2022
Hello everybody!
From the beginning I have to tell that all configuration have been applied in Power Management in Control Panel. Once I have made my laptop dual boot with Linux - Ununtu. Everything started then that, at least I think. The screen does not turn on when I open the lid or click the Power button after shutting the lid or clicking the power button. It happens very differently: a) immediately after shutting the lid or clicking the button or b) after some hours.
I removed Ubuntu. But it didn't help. I have tried re-installing windows 2-3 times. But these did not help either.
I am anticipating that it is related to EFI system and I am thinking if I am able to configure something in it I can get rid of this problem. Because I have noticed that user configurations which are in previous windows systems are saved into my new installed Windows 10. But I do not have access to this partition as I have this message:

Morever I have some Ubuntu boot options in BIOS settings. I want to remove these options from BIOS. Still I am thinking these settings are also in EFI system.
Does anybody encounter with this kind of problem? Or do you have any suggestion to handle this problem.
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