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Hello all,

First things first... please dont' flame due to the OSX-ness of my desktop, I'm a software developer and rotate between Windows, Linux and OS X on a daily basis. I've taken bits of all three to comprise my desktop for what I like best. Anyways... I am wondering if you can disable the window management in the taskbar and just have the start button and notification icons as I do all of my window managing through my dock and alt tab anyways.

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Hello killerhonky,
to Windows 7 Forums,

Not sure there is a way to do what you want, I'm still searching.
Why not just Auto-Hide the Taskbar?


I need my notification icons and hate putting them in objectdock. Plus I'd prefer to use the real start button and not objectdock's. Just personal preference mostly. Thanks for the help mate. Have my fingers crossed I find a solution.

Hello killerhomky,

Try this;

Right click on an empty space on the Taskbar and click on "Lock Taskbar" which will unlock it.
You should see 2 dotted dividers, 1 next to the Start Orb and 1 closer to the Notification Area, click on the 1 to your right and drag it til it meets the 1 next to the Start Orb, now, right click the Taskbar again and click to "Lock the Taskbar".
That should hide any icons that you had there and prevent any new ones from appearing.

See if that's what you needed to do?


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