Windows 7 Display full path in title bar (Classic folders only)


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Feb 4, 2009
I'd like to see the full path in the title bar, so I checked the appropriate box in Folder Options: Display full path in title bar (Classic folders only), but it appears that there is no Classic Folder View option anyway! What gives? :confused:
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Fill in the Feedback to Microsoft. Actually I think you are stuck with the new system -- there won't be any going back to the Classic system. You could use another file browser however such as Norton Commander or A43

I think M.S. is really missing it here. Example: if I read a file from my jump drive on XP I could just use the dropdown bar navigate to my C drive then follow the icons (folder paths) to the folder that I wanted to paste (or copy) the file to.

Now, that is not possible with Win7 (what is the point of having a dropdown bar if it's contents are blank?). You have to open a separate window just to do the same thing> twice the work as before, No???
"On the Deaf man's door you can knock all you want"! Sorry but Microsoft executives (the guys who create nothing) decided to give Windows and all new versions of Office a new look regardless of the fact that this will downgrade the user friendly aspects of the OS and or Office!

They should send those tie wearing sushi eating money hungry idiots to another planet. !
Hal9000. Disregarding the classic discussion for a moment. What do you see in the title bar??
This is what I see, as an example, by default.

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Not clear on your complaint? I just right click and drag the file. If it is in a sub directory I just pause on the parent and it then opens the next child.I selec to where I need it. It then asks if I want to move or copy it??
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