Windows 10 Display Shuts off and never Back On


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For me Windows 10 is the worst OS I have ever used (I started with Windows 2.x). The Power Options, plus many other things, is a joke.
On the last round of updates I was plagued by this problem, the Display shutdown and never to wake up. The only way to use the computer is to shutdown manually. I have already turned the PCI express off, etc. now I have turned the Display to never turn off (which must be done in the advance mode), which cures my problem. My wife's computer, I had to do the same thing, to keep it usable about six months ago (she uses it two or three times a day). It always has changed whatever I set the Power Plan to Balanced, when booting up and restarting, yes, a joke (it will not allow anything but the preferred Plans to work after booting).

Is there a Third Party Power Option Plan, that doesn't use Windows 10 Power Options, with Power Option that works, so when not in use it can go to sleep, turn the monitor off without loosing unsaved data or corrupting program software. A couple of programs I had to reload. Windows 8x was a looser, but I think Windows 10 is much worse.
Most sleep and wake issues are due to buggy drivers. I would verify you have the most current BIOS and ALL available drivers. There are no 3rd party tools that bypass the power subsystem in Windows so no tool will resolve this issue.
Question I have for you is what Make/Model is your computer? Is it a desktop PC or a laptop? Most of us here really like W10 once you get it installed and running correctly.:)

May we inquire as to whether you bought your computer with W10 pre-loaded from the factory? Or did you upgrade it from an earlier version of windows such as Win7/8/8.1/8.1.1? If you did upgrade, did you remember to run the Microsoft W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST to detect incompatible hardware, drivers, or applications? In our experience, about 90% of our clients and users here on the forum trying to fix problems with their W10 stem from one or more of those items (hardware, drivers, or applications) being incompatible as neemo suggests about the drivers part. The other thing is, that if you did upgrade your computer from an earlier version of Windows, if you didn't do maintenance on it recently; within the last 3 weeks or so just prior to the upgrade, chances are good you had some buggy stuff in your system that wasn't taken care of or cleaned out. Many people experience virus infections, or slow boot times, or just laggy performance while changing pages on websites. This means that unless you have a "squeaky-clean" computer PRIOR to the W10 upgrade, problems are often carried over to W10, and people's expectations are that installing the W10 upgrade will magically make all their problems with their computer disappear. In reality, OS upgrades almost always make matters worse.:waah:

You say you've been running Windows since version 2.x; well I've been running it since ver 1.0 and this has been true with just about every windows version upgrade since then (1985). If you ignore these 3 items, and the poor or sub-par performance of your computer prior to upgrade, as far as you're concerned your computer sucked before the W10 upgrade, and now it sucks even worse! No surprise there. You didn't follow, most likely, the recommended best practices that computer professionals apply to OS upgrades with PCs, so that's why. I have 5-W10 machines on a variety of desktops and laptops and netbooks; and it runs great on all of them.:D Since I am a computer professional, I spent the time to install and upgrade each of these according to those best practices I mentioned. Should you desire to fix your problem, we can provide some suggestions once we get the specs of the computer you are running if you are willing. You can also pay a computer pro to fix your W10 by repairing or reinstalling it properly. We have hundreds even thousands of people who said W10 was terrible, but once we helped them to fix it, almost all of them love it. About 5% or so don't and are still stuck in the dark ages running XP, or Win98 or something. Some go back to W7/8x.

Your buggered power plan is most likely due to a failed or improperly done upgrade. If your computer came with W10 pre-loaded, more likely it's due to a virus/malware infection or failed hardware. Normal W10 machines do not exhibit this failure.

Try changing the HD to Never turn off and see if it helps. I have always selected this option, which cured other Power problems.