DNS Issues

I have Windows 7 Enterprise Edition which is joined to a Server 2003 domain. The problem is that every day or so DNS seems to be messed up on the 7 machine. I cannot ping it from the server. if I ping it, it gives me some 66.x.x.x address which relates to nothing of my network. Router is, server is .2 and 7 machine is .4 I can ping the server fine, but cannot ping the 7 machine by host name? After rebuilding the tcp/ip stack, and rebooting it will work fine. But this is a little old, and never holds.

Any suggestions?


New Member
Is the DNS settings fine in Server?

Yes all the DNS settings are fine. Forwarders are set to correct address's, no wins, firewalls are off, i cant think of anything else to do other than re-install DNS.

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