Do Ear Plugs Stretch Ear Canals?

Unfortunately, I'm having obstacles and setbacks when it comes to studying for my college classes, and am looking to find solutions to distracting noise, whenever it's around. I don't know how some people can do it, though I'd guess chances are they are people who end up doing not as good as people with complete quiet. Not counting personal favorite music.

I've tried ear plugs (ones you can buy like at a market) that you compress and then automatically stretch after you put them in your ear. It's a bit uncomfortable but I may go through it if it helps me study, but I also felt it may be stretching my ear canals in the long run...this of course isn't good, since it's leaving you more vulnerable to high decibels in the future when you don't have them on (which will be most of the time, or, when you're not in college or sleeping).

Would these kinds of ear plugs (ones that compress and stretch) do this to your ear canal in the long run? Even to slight degrees, because if so then they're probably not worth it. I guess then I'll have to rely on some good quality ear muffs.

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