Do I need a copy of Windows 7 or earlier to buy Windows 8 Pro Student?

Hey all,

I'm thinking about getting Windows 8, and saw the Pro Student version was a lot cheaper than the regular version. However, it looks to me like you perhaps need a verified copy of windows to use it and it's only an upgrade. Is this true, or can you buy Windows 8 Pro Student without having an activated Windows OS already.




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Yes you can legally get a student 8 (8.1) that isn’t just an upgrade… at least you can in Australia.

I would talk to people at your school to see what they have… be very clear on what type of student id you need because Microsoft likes to be vague on this point and more than one person has had issues with their retarded activation system.

To be clear, if it says upgrade then you need 7 first.

Thanks for the reply.

I have checked my student credentials, and I'm eligible. The product itself is called: Windows 8 upgrade Pro Student, but it isn't mentioned anywhere in the description below. I think I need to contact Windows to be sure, it might be totally different here in Denmark compared to other countries.

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