Windows 7 Do you guys like the new taskbar at all?


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Jan 10, 2009
In a way, I like the pinning feature, it eliminates the quicklaunch bar, but the way it groups application windows bugs me. When I have a chat program with multiple windows, I have to go to the icon, wait for the previews to load then select the window I want. They add two extra steps to something where I used to just go down and click what I wanted in the taskbar, which makes it seem inefficent to me.

I'm glad they let you ungroup them in the properties myself
I have to to say that I also love it, it's unique, and works very well... it's nice to see that Windows is progressing rather then sticking with the same sh!t over and over.. ;) (I do admit that the ability to make it behave like previous versions of Windows is nice, but I still prefer the new taskbar)
wow, I guess I'm the only one that prefers the old way! heh heh, I'm impatient I guess since I like to go right to what I'm lookin for instead of takin extra steps
I, too, think the new taskbar is supreme to previous iterations. I would, however, like if the thumbnail-previews appeared the moment you hovered over the icon - this would remove the need for an extra click (or waiting for some time), making it a lot more convenient!

I think everyone should send feedback saying there should be some setting which lets you make it instantaneous, then maybe they will implement it!
nurb, im with you. besides, we where useto use the old taskbar like Windows XP so it makes it wierd when I use the new taskbar, been a week sence i got the W7, and i still not getting use to it. But ye, i can say, I LOVE IT!

The new taskbar is the fastest,most user friendly one they have ever made. I love the aero peek feature especially when i have some 20+ windows open i can navigate abouit the windows and find the correct one easier.
I like the new bar.. but the empty space is killing me.

I would really like to see a screenshot on a 10'' like an eeepc.
I love it because I always have like 10 programs open at one and like three windows of each, and I love how organize it makes everything! I've used it going on three months now and every time I got back to using a xp or vista computer I get annoyed. I also like how its has icons instead of text, text took up too much space and sometime your not even sure whats open just by reading the text. Also I like how you mouse over the Icons to seen whats open!:D I hated vista from the very first "longhorn" beta, but I love windows seven, It's going to be a good realese!;)
I do like it as well. I installed it on both computers and was making sure I had all of the installs done and turned on my printer, Windows7 asked me if I wanted to install this printer, I said yes, it installed it and the other computer ask me if I wanted to install the driver for the printer, and I said yes. This took about two minutes and was all done. Very nice and easy, like I have said this O/S is one of the easiest there is to operate. And will be there for the next generation.

It has so much intelligence that it threw me for a big loop. I installed it on my wizzz banger computer, it has two monitors on it and one is a Sharp Aquos and the other is a ViewSonic lcd. I was watching tv on the Sharp and installing Windows 7 64 bit. When it finished all I saw was a black screen and the Windows 7 info in the lower right hand corner, I saw the mouse pointer so I knew it was finished, but no matter what I done did nothing. So I went to bed it was late. I was laying there thinking what was wrong, and it hit me, so I got up and cane down to the computer room and booted it up again, it still had a black screen. So Iturned on the Sharp Aquos and changed it to the computer input hdmi and there it was, looking real good. So I changed to a single display and went ahead and finished the install. I have never seen a o/s that recognizes any thing you plug into it and it's so fast. I am impressed it works and works right.

Like I have said before it is a BIG WINNER OUT OF THE BOX, and almost ready for realese for sale. Microsoft wasn't ready for the response they got on this beta, and that shows them how excited the world is. This is going to be one of the biggest winners ever. And we the customers are the beneficaries of it. THANKS TO MICROSOFT :p FOR DOING IT RIGHT THIS TIME, THEY DID LISTEN AND GIVE US ALL WHAT WE WANTED IN A O/S ;)

Thomas :cool:
Yeah, I really like the taskbar, it makes things really easy. I like how, when you're downloading something, it shows the progress in the taskbar icon. Saves you having to stop what you're doing.
I enjoy everything about the new taskbar. I have even resisted 'downgrading' it to a previous look. It's good looking and the features that it brings to the new OS all work very well.
not a major issue, but i do not like how the start menu icon is round, it puts off the aesthetics, i think MS should've used four little coloured squares to make the win7 icon instead of the vista circle.

function wise i think it works great, def. took a little getting used to though.
I like the idea of clicking the program icon of the current programs running, and getting the history of what you have been doing. Thats a much quicker way of back tracking to find out where you have been and what you have been doing. As for the Taskbar itself, I am beginning wonder if Microsoft is enlisting Stardock in this part of Windows 7 development. The themes and the taskbar are vastly improved over Vista. So yeah I love it.
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