Do you use a VPN?

Do you use a VPN?

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Just wanted to see if people here use any kind of VPN (those commercial ones, not for work-related intranet). Since I travel a lot and use many public Wi-fi's, I need to be secure and out of the potential hackers' coverage. You wouldn't believe how many of them have ancient WEP encryption which is easily hacked and could be turned into some kind of a honeypot. I personally, use Surfshark VPN. Its app is really basic and doesn't have many servers, but the connection is instant and it supports unlimited devices. So anyway, what do you use? Or do you feel safe without one?


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A honeypot is a real or simulated system that security researchers use to monitor and analyze "hackers" behavior. If a access point is compromised a VPN wouldn't stop them from redirecting traffic to, for example, a fake web site for you to enter credentials or collect other data. A VPN will primarily just encrypt your data in transit. Do you really need one, no not really unless it's required to access some remote resource.


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I have built a few but no I don't use them because I live in Australia and our network is not the same as other places + don't really need one so I'm in safe without one... at least not any safer if I did use one


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Yes I am using purevpn for my streaming speeds. Although it has issues working with Netflix but works perfectly with other streaming sites. I also torrent sometimes and they do have dedicated p2p servers for that.


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I use AVG Secure VPN and I am satisfied with its workflow. I always download the latest versions at AVG Secure VPN Free Download - Latest Version for Windows. It works in a stable way and I can be sure that I am protected while searching the internet. I think it's a good idea to save your own privacy nowadays. I hope that such programs and software developers do not use our data for their own purposes. As they can hide our information form internet providers and site owners but in general they can see our information using their own code. But I hope that this VPN software is good and I have some guarantees that my privacy is their mission.


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I use VPN (pureVPN) and proxies for different purposes. Most frequently, on my Chrome browser when I need to get to test some search engine results pages in particular regions for my business. And I also try to use the same IP address when I log in to particular services due to a bad history with recoveries. Weird thing - so many people travel the world and today they are in Tokyo, tomorrow - in Minsk, why do services block us for that?! So, to avoid back and forth emails with the support, I try to use VPNs each time.
I use TunnelBear and NordVPN. It is a good free vpn for torrenting and surfing internet. But nowadays it is not so hard to find differnet free VPN extensions for your browsers but you must be ready that they will not have a lot of options adn locations to use.

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Hey, folks! I'm new here, so don't judge me very hard. I honestly can imagine my life without a VPN. It such a helpful thing. I use NordVPN and mostly for watching Netflix :victorious: Sometimes it even helps to save some money on plane tickets hehe. Now Nord is being sold with 75% discount and that's super awesome when you can pay less for a good provider. Sale 75% I'll leave it here, maybe someone will buy them.

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I use ProtonVPN. I used to use Private Internet Access. I think both are very good, no logging policy. Both have great reputations. They both had fast connection speeds and lots of countries (lots of US states too) to choose from. Both of their phone apps worked great too. ProtonVPN has a free basic plan that I think is perfectly fine for anyone as well.


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As I like traveling, I know what you are talking about. It is important to keep your data in safe while traveling, especially if you should work abroad and take your notebook/laptop with you. I explored this subject in detail, and having surfed the Internet, I found a good collection of useful travel software. I should say, it includes not only VPN (by the way, I use NordVPN and I'm pleased with it), but also such helpful programs like Bitdefender, VisionGlobalWifi, Adblock Plus, etc. Maybe someone will also find this source to be good.