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    All MagicJack customers have received a new update that disables Win7 screensavers, displayOFF, and sleep mode. They know they've done this. They are saying they can't reverse it. So if you have MagicJack, you will not be able to use your screensavers, or have any sleep or displayoff settings. Here's what was written to me by a magicjack representative:

    enny: Hello, how may I help you?
    brian: magic jack disables my screensaver, displayoff, and sleep mode. When MJ is in they don't work. When it is fine. This just started last week. I have Win7 x64 bit and I've had it since October '09. I've had MJ for over a year and a half.
    brian: And yes...I've pulled out MJ for 2 or more minutes and rebooted change.
    Kenny: Yes Brian, your computer set up for sleep mode and screensaver will not move when the device is plug in, that is the new update since we discover that when the device is plug in magicJack will not work properly and it can give magicJack a side effect.
    brian: So what do I do????
    Kenny: You can set up your computer on sleep mode and the screen saver but you need to unplug the device however all calls will goes directly to voicemail.
    brian: I would like to speak to a supervisor please
    Kenny: Alright.
    Kenny: One moment please...
    Kenny: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.
    brian: This option is completely unacceptable.
    Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

    You are now chatting with 'Hero'

    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK43601216443X

    Hero: Hello Brian. My name is Hero. To better assist you, let me put you on hold while I read your previous chat/s. Thank you.
    Hero: Thank you for waiting. I can completely understand how you feel about this matter..This is indeed upsetting and I would have felt the same. magicjack was designed to stay active all the time and will prevent your
    Hero: computer from going to sleep state. This is to ensure that there will be no interruption with your calls and magicjack connection You may unplug the magicjack and set the computer to standby mode manually.
    brian: Explain this...I've had Win7 for 10 months and had MJ for 20 months. Why is this happening just in the last week?
    brian: There's more to this story...
    Hero: This is part of the latest upgrade.
    brian: I don't want the latest upgrade then
    brian: How do I get it off
    Hero: I understand but it is no longer possible to reverse it since that is how the magicjack is designed right now to ensure no interruption in your connection.
    brian: then you have a problem to fix
    brian: because this will be completely unacceptable to Win7 must know that
    brian: I had MSoft people telling me it was my wireless mouse and I went out and spent $40 for a wired mouse...because of this problem...obviously nothing changed
    Hero: I can completely understand how you feel about this but unfortunately there is nothing more we can do about this matter since this is how the magicjack software and program is designed right now.
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    I went out and got magic jack 3 years ago and when I set it up I had a long distance number. I could call out with no problems but who ever would call me would get billed for a long distance call even if a call came from my neighbors house who lives next door to me. I was assured that the company was adding new area codes and I could change it when that happened. Well 2 years later they still haven't added any and after my initial purchase of the product and the subscription was up I wasn't renewing. The theory behind the product is a great idea but the way that company goes about implementing it really leaves something to be desired.

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    I think I tracked down the problem. MagicJack takes over the windows power settings. As far as I can tell, you can't change your power setting in any way using normal methods while magicjack in active. Unplug and everything is fine.
    If you want to see the problem, the open up your command window. Make sure you open it using the run as adminstrator option. at the c: promt type in powercfg -requests. You should see that MagicJack has a couple of power requests and these requests prevent the computer from automatically powering off the display or entering into a low power sleep mode.
    I fiddled with the powercfg commands and was able to get the screen saver to work again and the computer will go into a light sleep mode. (Basically the screen will go off). I can't find a way to let the computer go into hybernation.
    The powercfg file is a system file and all permissions are given to "Trusteduser". I am hesitant to change the administrator rights on a system file because I don't know what else I might affect.
    So that is where I am at. I wish MJ would have done a better job writing the software. Maybe even give the option of running 24/7 or going to voice mail during hybernation. I like to give my computer a rest every once and while.
    Hope this will help point you in the right direction at least.
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    Well now, thats explains my power off on my display suddenly not working. No notice or anything is so wrong....
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    You do realize that before you install updates on your products they give you detailed information on what the update involves right? That is a standard on all updates that you recieve from any software and I am assuming that this update had the smae thing if I am correct. So before you go blaming someone else you need tolook at your own ignorance first. You just clicked on okay for the download without reading anything. I get onto my son and husband for the same thing. That is why nobody is allowed to touch my laptop. The desktop is for everyone else and the laptop stays in good condition and is to my specifications and not bloated with all kinds of toolbars that come as extras with software and all of that spyware. Read before you download.:ohyea:
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    Welcome to the forum BJLindsay

    The thing is a lot of updates don't come with a change log. I get on at users all the time to read things, Isn't going to happen in my lifetime, but it's a little harsh to call people ignorant over it.

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