Does MS recommend a movie/Blu-ray/DVD player in lieu of Media Center?


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I have tried the Free program, Leawo Blu-ray Player, and while it does work ( I haven't tried a Blu-ray yet) it is so exceptionally slow that it is practically unworkable.

I would gladly pay for a good program, but I don't know which ones are good? Does MS address this anywhere? And why is it that I can't get a Blu-ray player installed into my PC that already plays those discs? I would gladly pay the extra to make it more convenient, as this shopping while blind is not exactly the most efficient way to go about this, imho.


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VLC is indeed a very good (probably the best) free DVD/ Blue Ray player. If you're willing to spend some cash you can go for Power DVD, it's the commercial player that I like most. But than again that's only my opinion.