Downgrading from Vista to XP with Reinstallation CD

Just as the subject says, I am wanting to downgrade from Vista back to XP with the computer's original Reinstallation disk that came with it. I am wondering if this is a clean install or would it just revert back to XP. I am wantng to keep everything on there without having to make a backup of everything before doing so. If anyone could offer me some insight on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Actually it might be tricky. I have yet to play with vista mostly because I refuse to. But here is what you can do.

If the system is booted into vista and your logged into Administrator, you can try and plug your XP cd in and try to install but chances are you wont be able to downgrade that way. Depending on what file system you installed with (NTFS, WinFS), you can put the XP cd in, restart the computer and do a clean install that way. If you have data you cant save and dont want to lose then just do an install without formatting. That should replace teh Vista OS with XP but the Vista drivers and such will still be there. Its not a big deal, sometimes I find it handy to have drivers laying around ;-)

Or just whipe the OS completely and start from scratch. The whole process should take an hour or so depending on how fast your system is. Any questions, just respond.



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It depends on what kind of backup disc they gave to you. I would recommend backing up your critical data onto a flash drive or removable HD.

Ya, if you decide to format just make sure you have an 'Operating System' CD and a 'Software and Drivers CD'. You dont wawnt to reinstall just to have an installation error. After all, it is windows. ;-)

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All right. Thanks. I will back up any critical data that will definately be needed. As for the CD that came with the compuiter, it says "Reinstallation CD Microsoft Windows XP Professional." So, if worse comes to worse and things seem to get bad, I will do just that.

Personally, I hate Vista. This is all being done on my bosses machine and I am the one in charge of it, so yeah. :(

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