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Hi the problem i have is i have been using vista for only a few months so fairly new, downloads were working fine but now i get this with every download i try to open-example-c:\users\stan\Downloads\7z exe (for example)is not a valid win32 application -now i now the downloads should open because they open on my xp desk tops.every forum i have posted this problem on has tried to sucker me into using trial anti spy wear which is ironic since i cant open the download anyway, my laptop has been scanned and is clean i think it may just be a Downloads permissions or settings problem any one any ideas on this one, Thanks -newby to vista-Russ ps sorry im' on vista home basic by the way :(

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what downloads in particular are giving you the problem? Sounds like 8 bit or 16 bit codes for the download which will give you the error message your are receiving. Vista is a true 32 bit system. In the beginning all most all the software out there when vista came out was incompatible. Now most all manufactures of software and hardware have rewritten the software to make it compatible. There are some older companies out there that have not and have no plans to change it. The same thing is happening for the 64 bit systems, it must be 64 bit to run on a 64 bit system. Every thing is going to the 64 bit format, it just a matter of time and money for the companies.

32 bit

thanks for your reply bassfisherman the downloads are 32 the one i just tested out just was 7zip 32 bit i think it is a setting somwhere that needs to be changed i let my daughter use the laptop in question and she downloaded the sims on to it when i quickly unistalled the programe i remember having trouble getting rid of the EA Games download manager so i think it must be a setting somewhere is there a way of ajusting the download settings to allow downloads maybe this is a result of a changed security setting any more ideas keep em coming thanks Russ:confused:

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