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Thank you for your reply, unfortunately the paralegal involved has not responded to my emails. I will be addressing these emergencies and what contingencies are feasible at our team meeting. At this point, there is no reason not to disclose these actions and tactics, used to restrict free software, from being made public.
A new update for our iOS version has been sent to Apple for review. This version fixes some bugs and improves overall performance. It should be available from the iTunes store within 5-7 business days for iPhone and iPad.

A new update for Android versions is now available, but is awaiting Microsoft paralegal Teresa Rodewald (LCA) to return an e-mail, in order to "unsuspend" the application itself from the Google Play store. This version supplements the name of the application from "WindowsForum" to " Forums for Windows" and replaces a key icon at the request of Microsoft. Until these changes are made, it is advisable to stick with the version you have. In fact, that is the only thing you can do!

Because Ms. Rodewald responded with a vacation reply, APK files are available:

For Android version 4.0 and higher, you can temporarily download it from our server here.

For Android versions PRE-ICS (lower than version 4.0), you can temporarily download it from our server here.

This will allow mobile use of the website through our custom app, for Android phones and tablets, for so long as installation through "Unknown Sources" is enabled in your device settings. Take care.
An important Apple iOS app update was blocked, twice, recently, because it mentioned "Android" in the screenshots for the app. According to Apple's new Terms of Service for their App Store, no other mobile platform can be mentioned in their meta data. As a result of submitting the updated application on the 31st of last month, we believe this issue should be clarified with Apple. A request for expedited review is in effect. The offending content:



Our new updated screenshots below:


Be sure to check out our ANDROID version if you are unsatisfied with your APPLE device!

Take care!
April 30, 2016 (Apple iOS and Android updates):

A new mobile update is available for Apple iOS users (iPhone, and iPad) as well as Android users for phone and tablets. This brings us to version 5.1.27 for iOS, which includes many long awaited and robust UI improvements for Apple users. Within a few hours, existing users of the Windows Forum mobile app on Android will be updated to version 21000070 (5.0.34). This includes many bug fixes and improvements.

BUT WAIT, there is more!

There is currently a beta version of the Android app for anyone using an Android device. You can opt-in here:
Sign in - Google Accounts

(Update: As of 4/30/2016 9:36 AM US ET we found no issues with the beta version and have since moved it to production. You can still keep up-to-date with beta builds by subscribing to the beta branch for Android)

The releases being made include a plethora of new improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements.

It will take time to be made available for free, on the iTunes Store. Expect this process to take anywhere from 5-7 business days.

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Good news to report! Quietly and silently, we are now rolling out version 8 of our much-beloved, and sometimes forgotten WINDOWSFORUM.COM ANDROID MOBILE APP! This version includes new features, performance improvements, bug fixes, and better Android SDK and OpenGL support. This release has been fast tracked to production!
Well, Microsoft is bringing the Windows Phone to an end. The app will still be good for Surface I guess.

We never did a Windows version of the app because there was never really a demand for it. It was always assumed that someone on Windows Phone could just use the web browser. Similarly with desktop. Unfortunate re: the end of Windows Phone, but not entirely surprised.
How do we start a neq thread in the Android app
I've been m.i.a. herw since 10/11/2019 , as my pc was stolen.
The police found it, but not the thieve/a.
Totally ruined it.
So far I have a Rtzeb 9 3900X cpu and a Samsung 860 EVO 1 tb. sata ssd to go with my old 2 ssd's.
I also got a newer EVGA psu.
Playing it safe as my case, mobo and ram were destroyed.
Hopefully I can get EVGA to fix my RTX 2080 Super, too, as the 8 pin connector was broken odf if it.


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