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Those of us that use Adobe may be aware that they are updating their BC (business catalyst) hosting server and therefore (as of this current patch) the old BC/ Dreamweaver interface no longer works.

Problem: the old way we used to get Dreamweaver talking to BC is no longer valid and we need a temporary work around.

Affects: people with Dreamweaver cc whom want to download edit their BC hosted sites.

Reference: http://docs.businesscatalyst.com/us...weaver/connect-to-your-site-using-dreamweaver

They cover most of it so I'm just going to assume people have a current (perhaps a Muse) site hosted with BC and would like to be able to edit/ save that site with their Dreamweaver cc.

Step 1.
You need a folder to store your site locally on a laptop/ pc which is outside the c:\programs folder (Windows) and has enough space to hold the entire web site… it doesn't really matter what this folder is called and I have a "d:/webpages" folder so I just made a new "testroot site"… each website needs its own distinct folder.


Step 2.
Open Dreamweaver cc and dismiss the welcome screen when/if it pops up.

Step 3.
Goto the top to select "Site" and "New Site"


Step 4.
Give your new site a name (doesn't have to be the same as what you called it online) and use the browser button to "select" the folder you made in step 1… this is where Dreamweaver will download/ store your local copy of the BC site.


Step 5.
Goto the "Servers" line and press the "+" symbol to setup your sftp


Step 6.
Goto the "currently using" tab and set it to "SFTP"… note that the port is now 22


Step 7.
Now we need the website address and I'm a terrible speller when it comes to made up words so what I do/ recommend is to open the first page of the site in your browser of choice and copy the address from there … note you don't need http: or www for a site hosted with BC, i.e. whatever .businesscatalyst.com



Step 8.
The username is next … this is normally where people need some help… and you can paste the address in here as well but remember to remove any http or www from the start. The correct formate is "site address/"+"email/"+"dw" so if my site lives at "http://testroot.businesscatalyst.com/" and the email account for it is "blackork@hotmail.com" then the username = "testroot.businesscatalyst.com/blackork@hotmail.com/dw" (ignore quotes) and don't have any spaces or http

Step 9.
The password = whatever the Adobe account password is

Step 10.
Test the connection using the "test" button provided… note that Windows 7-8.1 using the default firewall settings should ask you to confirm allowing a program to access the internet on this port and you will have to allow it before the test can take place.



p.s. You can remove permission from the control panel settings in Windows
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