Windows 7 Drive appears full but no files


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Jan 13, 2009
I have 3 partitions on 1 drive. My OS partition, 2 for just files and what not. Well the OS partition is fine (clean install on that partition), My Drive D is also fine, it just has pictures on it, but my Drive E (which was F before) is where the problem is.

It shows that it has 40 GB left out of 250, all the folders are there, but no files in it. When I look at the folder properties they say that they are empty, but the drive is full. Where did the files go? I thought that maybe for some reason they would be hidden, so I enabled "Show Hidden Files", but that did nothing. Any Suggestions?
Interesting post you have provided us with here. Try taking ownership of the drive by going into an eleveated command prompt and typing takeown /f path to drive

I hope this helps.
No good, I took ownership but nothing changed. I also did a disk check and it scanned over 10k of files, but when I check they aren't there.

Ok so I booted into BartPE, and the files are still missing, looks like Windows 7 corrupted the entire partition. Any suggestion on how to fix this one?

Ok, so I found the Files. I booted into Safe Mode, Made sure that System Files are not hidden. Found then buried in a folder called $inplace~.~\Machine\Data. In there was the same folder structure as in the root of that drive, only my files were there too. I'm currently copying them off onto another drive.:D
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Simple: executed the included in Windows disk repair option. Right click on problem partition --- one of the tabs, restart as instructed, Windows repair utillity starts during reboot.

problem cause:
Installed bootmanager that made a dedicated partition. All didn't work due to known or probable factor I don't mention here.

Looked very briefly on forums. No explicit solution found. Program tree size free edition mentioned on forums several times showed the correct disk usage. Had the idea: its a partition fault.
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You may have some hidden files and folders there. In that case, however, you should know that you miss something...

I'd go with adr8767, and say you have a partition fault or something like that.

Windows' partition capabilities are highly limited, you can check disks and partitions in Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Storage\Disk Management

There you will see what Windows shows. It may help you, but I doubt it. The best solution is probably to get an external Partition Manager, and with my experience the best would be GParted, GParted -- About. Burn the .iso on a disc, boot your computer from it, and proceed. You can search everything on all disks you ever have, and reform[at] them.

Don't know if this is the answer to your difficulties, but I sure hope you get it fixed. :)
How do you think about that sort of problem is ALWAYS the partition table ..... whatever technical terms, but the direction is clear... Thus only one fixed solution possible.
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