Drive Map Alert

I am running windows 7 pro 64 bit desktop....I continuously get a popup message titled

"Drive Map Alert":
The drive map server cannot run because you are running another application that has exclusive use of port 80. To continue, you must locate the application using port 80 and close or stop it, or reconfigure it to use another port.

I am a Sr SQL DBA and run SQL Server 2008 on the box but the SQL Server browser is disabled and any facet of SQL Server that would use port 80 for any reason is disabled.

This alert is/has been driving me nuts! :mad:

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated...


Don - I am experiencing the same alert.

I am looking at my actions and changes to the computer, prior to the alert.

I recently added WorkSpace Desktop Tools and Online Storage Backup File Service. Previously I used an external backup, but wanted to move to a cloud service.

Support documentation for the backup service has no information on this alert. I checked into a method of determining how to find the application that is using Port 80, and it turns out NT Kernel is using port 80. hmmm???

I am considering removing the service to see if that will fix the problem, but I want to do more investigation.

>>>>> Please update if you have found a solution.


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