Driver Booster v1.0.0.733 Released [Freeware]

Have you used driver booster? If not, how you update your outdated drivers?

  • Yes, I do use Driver Booster.

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  • No, I update drivers manually.

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Never update device drivers.

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  • Used other tools.

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Driver Booster is out of beta. It's a free driver updating tool.

Driver Booster Update History

V 1.0
+ Friendly Designed User Interface for Easier Understanding
+ One-Click Driver Updating for Maximum Hardware Performance
+ Specialized Driver Tweaking for Top Gaming Experience
+ High-Test Database Ensures the Steady and Secure of Driver Updating
+ Cloud Technology Automatically Ensures Database for Supported Devices are Always Up-to-Date
+ Silent Mode Automatically Updates Drivers in the Background
+ Supported Incremental Update Method to Save More Data
+ Enabled Upgrade Feature for up to 300% Faster Updating Speed
+ Supported 31 languages

Click Here to download it now. (file size: 8.28 MB)


I don''t trust driver updating software of any kind. I'll update all my drivers least this way I know where I'm downloading each driver and that there the latest and most upto date drivers. On a personal note; I've always ran into trouble using Iobit software.


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Seen plenty of BSOD logs with 8 or more different branded IDE/SATA/SAS drivers loaded, most still had some kind of driver updating software showing as installed in MSInfo32 - maybe not the cause of the crashes but it shows how bad some of them can be.


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The main problem with drivers is, they are easy to install, but often quite impossible to get rid of. Another problem is, many many if not most problems are referred to as driver problems, and it's not necessarily true. Many other factors have an impact too, say, Codecs. Like the Virus thing, I'm highly annoyed by the fact that system problems are straightly pointed out as "IT'S A VIRUS!!!!"

I've been using DriverMax for some years, I find it reliable, but it has had its bad moments. And one should never update more than one or two drivers at a time, and never forget to create a Restore Point. And then, check system works, from Device Manager too. And, I tried an updater, and it was horrible --- it showed that some 90% of my drivers were outdated... not true, not true.

I agree with bassfisher, in basics. Taking a shortcut is fast, but it may mean fast money out of one's pocket. I'm "both and" here. The main word could be caution. Having a driver's license doesn't really qualify you as a dragster driver, eh?

Yes, DriverMax is also not bad, but it can only download 2 drivers per day for free edition user. In this case, we don't need to use it anymore, because we can also update driver one by one from Windows control panel.


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That's true. And that's one of the reasons I bought the Pro version, another reason being the same as donating to some freeware makers, as well as to this Forum we are presently in - support. Nothing is free, everything costs something. The question is, who pays the bill? Making all money through advertisements would make this Forum look like a circus.

I don't mean to moralize. Nor am I promoting DriverMax, no financial or other interest there. The main and most important question is, like bassfisher aptly pointed out, Are these programs safe?

Cheers, m8s. :)

"100% safe guarantee" - no one can promise this, even drivermax or other paid software.


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I wouldn't touch anything like this. They always create way more trouble than they solve.

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"100% safe guarantee" - no one can promise this, even drivermax or other paid software.
That promise is made for it to be 100% safe from harmful stuff, and 100% guarantee of money back if you should want that, and for the free version - 100% free. I still don't promote the program, even if I use it. I do agree with people who warn about auto-updates.

No need to go arm wrestling about this. In the working life we have much of "are you prepared to give a 110% effort while doing your job?" And who, if I may ask, could do that? My claim is, 80% would be terrific, 85% superb. Just like a kilobyte is not 1,000 bytes, many more of definite definitions have changed to be relative definitions. The part to be seen would be, when a kilogram isn't 1,000 grams.

With due respect.

I respect your point. But not all things are accurate like numbers. What I want to say is that the safe is relative, not absolute. For example, the device manufacture develop a driver, which has a bug. No one can avoid this, no matter the driver is installed by third party software or manually. Also I don't think paid (A) must be better than free (B).

In my side, Driver Booster works well for me (Windows 7 Ultimate x64) and I like it, that's why I post its update news here.

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What I want to say is that the safe is relative, not absolute.
Here we agree 100% = absolutely. One of the problems of our time is, people expect everything to function flawless - and when it doesn't, they get frustrated and mad and whatever. Like I've noted several times, we are not in the IT society, we are still heading towards it.

I'm glad Driver Booster works for you, what else can I say? Whenever anything works... it's swell! But still, the quite general presumption that everything within computer software, except Windows, should be free --- it's actually outrageous. But this is a never ending story, I do respect and honor your effort to promote what you have found to be good. Salute, m8!

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