Driver needed for headset

I bought a bluetooth headset with microphone and only works on multimedia in HP Windows 7 Home Premium
64-bit but not with Skype. There is no stereo sound, microphone doesn't work and sound can be selected as
mono device only on Skype settings. I also set it up on advanced audio settings in Skype to remain and use
the bluetooth headset and microphone when bluetooth headset is on and automatically go to speakers if bluetooth headset is off. But when i reboot the computer the audio settings return to speakers and built it laptop microphone. This doesn't happen to my desktop pc. I also configured in Windows audio settings the headset to be the first selected device for audio and microphone when is on. The headset is Silvercrest SBTH-4.0 A1. I also tried it with Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter as the headset requires bluetooth 4.0 to work but not helped. I also
installed CSR Harmony 2.0 bluetooth stack and the Stereo option appeared to Skype for sound but not for microphone. What should i do?
Hi I have been trying to install SBTH 4.0 A1 on my PC Windows 7. It is shown in my devices but does not work because the driver needs updating. I have searched everywhere for the driver but so far have not had any success. Can you help me please?


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I moved your post to it's own thread as posting at the end of another thread doesn't really get many folk looking at your issue.

I do not think there is a driver available as such for the actual headset. You may need a bluetooth driver for the machine and if you post the make and model I'll point you in the right direction.
Have you tried pairing the device with your machine? If not see the guide below:

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