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Windows 7 Driver Wireless for Forsa FS3120 windows 7 Pro X86


New Member
May 4, 2017
Hi I'm need help.

I want to update my windows from XP into Windows 7 Pro x86.

but with windows update can't find driver for my wireless.

I'm already look for same driver from another factory but it's not supportted.

Could WindowsForum support my problem.

This is an odd brand I've never dealt with before. My suggestion would be to take the back panel off and locate your wireless card (hopefully it's a card) and determine the actual manufacturer of the wireless solution. Then we can probably help you locate a suitable driver.
it's a card
Link Removed

already search from STA-MU-A0028 SU616, but i've got nothing.

from googling i'm found this is 3DSP factory
Sorry the computer brand and WiFi card brand are just very foreign to me, and I had no luck as well looking for a driver. For as cheap as WiFi cards are, maybe consider replacing it with one that is compatible with Windows 7?
I did find a datasheet for you card that only mentions Operating System support up to Vista-64. I'd say finding a replacement card would be much easier. Just make sure to get one that does Bluetooth as well, as it looks like your current card provides Bluetooth for your laptop (if you care about Bluetooth).
Finally, found the driver
here for 32bit Link Removed
and for 64 bit Link Removed