Windows 7 Drivers for Sierra Wireless Compass 597


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Mar 30, 2009
It's amazing but I can't seem to find the drivers for this card ANYWHERE. There are some ON the card itself (it doubles as a USB memory stick) but they won't install on Windows 7.

I looked around this site and saw some instructions that said to install what's on the card then go add them in the device manager manually. However the install doesn't complete so there is no reference to the 597 in the device manager after install (either complete or not complete).

Maybe the newer drivers loaded on new cards are not Win7 "official" but I bet they'll get me closer than what's built into my card will (again, I've had this for a while).

Is there any place to download drivers for this card? Or any other suggestions?

They don't make it easy...
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Sierra Wireless Compass 597 for Telus - Manual Driver Update

A previous post mentions to add the drivers individually for the Sprint version of this device. This also works for Telus. There are about 5 or 6 drivers to update - all the ones with exclamation marks - USB - modem drivers and such. Right click each of these and select Update driver software and then Browse my computer for Driver Software. Point to C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\USBMUX Drivers . You have to repeat this for each driver - do the USB ones first otherwise the Watcher Program gets grumpy when it can't find the device. That should work - I'm emailing this from my air card.
Hopefully Windows 7 is an improvement on Vista - this is my first issue and it was pretty easy to solve - so far my computer seems to be running a whole lot faster on 7. Good luck.
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