Drives not found. GParted failed.

Well, unfortunately I have a serious problem. To go ahead and get this over with.

  • I'm not sure what kind of drives they are..GParted failed to boot [ "BootMGR is missing"] Anyway to figure this out?
    I'm installing via USB, due to me not currently having the disc.
    The USB is bootable 100%.

My problem is that Windows 7 does not recognize any of my drives. Nor do I know what kind of drivers to get.
Before I tried booting with the USB, it told me that a OS was not found.

Please take me step by step. I'm not so smart with computers.

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It is always easier if you go through a progression for us. For instance, what is causing you to try to boot to GParted?

Just go through your steps as to what you were trying to do and where it failed.

I can tell you, I made a bootable flash drive to install Win 7. It would boot fine on one computer, but not on another.

Ah, OK. I'm very sorry.

I tried booting into GParted to see if it would recognize the drives and maybe the USB was messed up. On the other hand, it maybe could of told me what kind of drives I had.
Do you mean that the USB might be corrupted due to using it on another computer? I used it on my little brothers, due to him being tired of Linux. (It was very slow, some clue?)

I may of figured the problem. Well, I downloaded a ISO off the internet, for Windows 2000 (not illegally) but I installed it on a virtual machine. Not over any folder or anything outside the vhd. Maybe I took too much RAM/Memory?

Thank you in advance.

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