Dropping drive letter on SATA drive

Win7, build 7100

IBM x206 server with 74GB primary (boot) SATA drive on channel 1, and 640GB SATA drive on channel 2

The 640GB drive "disappears" from view after reboot. It drops the drive letter and I have to manually reassign the letter and the shares.

Drive is formatted as NTFS, not marked active.

Thanks in advance for any tips...


No one else is having this issue?

Do you have to reassign the letter each time you reboot? Or is this a one time thing? .. ;)

Each time I reboot. I can see the disk in the disk management console, but the drive letter and shares are gone.

Just that one drive tho... The primary (C:) drive is fine, as is an external USB drive.

Appreciate any thoughts...

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