Windows 7 Dual-boot with No-Dvd


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May 20, 2009
I have downloaded Windows 7 Build 7229. But i have no dvds since i wasted 10 getting the rc to work. I know there is a way you can install windows 7 through upgrade but can i install it to a dual-boot if it stays on my hard drive.

So i have two partitions. If i keep the download on one can i run it and install on the other?

I really want to try this build. Please help.


mount the ISO with a virtual drive program and install using custom option point at your emptry partition ;)

To follow up on Ickymay's post:

You could the unregistered ( free) version of PowerIso to creat a virtual drive, mount the 7 iso, run setup- then point at the chosen partition, when you get to that screen during installation:

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Later "leaked" builds have almost exclusively been released from Microsoft as VHDs. There are a few exceptions and most of the ISO install downloads you see are modified versions of the few releases (or from the RC release itself) for the install bits and replacing just files on the ISO with ones from the VHD. You can boot VHDs directly if you are already using the BCD bootmanager (you run Vista or Windows 7). Just use BCDEdit (if you know how) or EasyBCD (if you don't) and you can add the VHD as a bootable partition, even though it is just a file. Alternatively, if you have a large enough USB flash drive, you can just load the ISO to the flash drive and make it bootable. There are several tutorials on the net on how to do this (such as: Creating Bootable Vista / Windows 7 USB Flash Drive at Kevin’s Blog ). So you can go that route as well and save some DVD-R discs.
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Thx but i found a simple solution. Just extract the iso. Click on setup and say install on the partition i want.

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