Dual monitor, 4K and 2K scalling problems (win8/win10)


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Hello to all! :)

So i'm having an issue setting up a dual monitor config under Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Basically i'm using a DELL 2414Q 4K monitor and a DELL 2515H 2560x1440 monitor and i'm not able to make them work well together.

If i increase the scalling to 200% to make the 4K work as it was a 1920 x 1080, my 2560x1440 scalling will be changed too, and i end up with huge icons/fonts/ui elements.

I've tried several ways to make this work but i didn't succeed.

So my question is " is there any way/procedure/whatever" to make a 4K and a 2K monitor work together, where each monitor will have a different scalling ( 200% for the 4k, 100% for the 2K ) or that just isn't happening?

This is a major pain, since my OSX works flawlessly with the 4K monitor and 2k monitor.

Thank you all for the time and help.


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I'm not likely to be the one to help with this issues, but.....
I might guess that anyone who might, would need some additional specifics.
Like, is this a native Windows 8 install or is it running inside Parallels for Mac or other Virtual Machine type environment?
Do the two monitors have a seperate dedicated GPU or are they both plugged into the same Card?
In either case what Card(s) are you using and what drivers are you using for the GPU(s) driver version and date?
How are they connected (VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc.,)?
Thanks for any additional specifics you can provide and Welcome to the forum.


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Thank you for the time Trouble :)

So the information follows:

a) Native Windows 8 and Windows 10 intall
b) Same GPU ( Nvidia GTX980 ) with latest Nvidia Drivers
c) They are both connected by Display Port

Thank you :)
So my guess is that i need to make a choice... where choice 1 is get the 4k display at the right scalling and live with the different scalling on the 2560x1400 ; b) Use both at 100% and live with the super height 4k resolution at 100% scalling... but that's just me being negative ( or realistic :p )

Again, thank you for your time.

Pedro S.


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Got the same exact problem with the same exact monitor, but with a Nvidia quadro M2000. Also I use Premiere Pro and this problem is a major pain.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
I'm know also mailing with the Nvidia support that are helping me out, will update if good news arrive