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Hi. If you've played Duke Nukem 3D Atomic then I'm hoping you'll be able to answer a question for me. Is the keyboard configuration for action's like walking changable or is it fixed? For example, can I change from using the arrow keys to go forward and back to pressing the A key to go forward and the Z key to go back? Thank You if you can answer this question for me. I read through the manual but it says nothing about this.

Thanks again, David


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How are you running the game? DOS?, DOSBox?, EDuke32?, XDuke?, something else?

The original DOS version has a separate setup program (setup.exe or setmain.exe). There's an option to change the controls.
If you are using a source port like EDuke32 or XDuke, there's an option to change the cotrols in one of the game menus.


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I am using DOSBOX and have downloaded the game from Thanks for having a look zirkoni.



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DOS(Box): Setmain.exe -> Controller Setup -> Setup Keyboard

Eduke32: Start the game -> Options -> Keyboard Setup
eduke32 2011-07-31 12-41-13-21.png

XDuke: Start the game -> Options -> Setup Keyboard
xDuke(v19.8) 2011.07.31 12h41m57s.png

I recommend you use EDuke32 for single player gaming and XDuke for multiplayer games.
And if you want to play multiplayer games, install YANG and/or Link Removed due to 404 Error.

If you use EDuke32 you can also use the high resolution packs:
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