Dull screen but bright mouse pointer


Occasionally when I boot up my PC (Windows 7 Pro SP1), the screen is dulled but the mouse pointer (arrow) is very bright. When it's like this, if I open an application the text and the caret pointer are very dull and difficult to read. The situation doesn't change if I try a different monitor. So far, the only way I've found to get back to normal is to re-boot. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there another solution other than re-boot?


Richard Williams


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This usually has to do with the graphic card driver. You can either install a different version (You can find driver archives on sites like NVIDIA and ATI) or, better yet, go into the graphic card control center and look for a button that says something like "restore default settings". This should solve it. Get back to us and let us know.

Thanks for the advice. Now that I've raised the question it probably won't happen again for several weeks!


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Murphy's law :)

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