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How many times I have heard a client say, "I dunno how that happened, I had Norton". I do know that to many reading this I am singing to the choir but, just as point of interest... Today I worked on 2 computers for a client. Both had Norton; it was removed & MSE installed. Malwarebytes was, also, installed and run. In spite of the fact that the End User may think they are protected due to having Norton... Malwarebytes found 20 infections of worms, Trojans & such. To put it another way, one is NOT protected by virtue of an AV, alone. There must be malware protection, as well. And I will be so bold as to say, something better than Norton, too.

Joe S

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I'm not a Norton fan either. This HP PC came with Norton when I got it 3 years ago. I got sick of repairing it constantly and removed it before the subscription was even to the halfway point. HP wouldn't sell it without AV installed. The other choice was McAfee which is no better as far as I'm concerned. The other problem is people buy a new PC then when the AV subscription ends they don't renew or install something else that is up to date.

And strange or surprising as may be, many it is because they had clue it was necessary... just never grasped they HAD to do something. Many reetailers tell buyers nothing... that even something like, there is excellent security available to you instead of what's bundled.

& yes, MacAfee, also sux. Tha'ts why I perfer custom building them... not forcing bundling on ppl like, off the shelf. Plus can have MSE in the machine right from delivery


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